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Fully Produced Work

Shot, edited and post-produced from soup to nuts.

I Transformed Into A Drag Queen Feat. Miz Cracker

BuzzFeed Video

Bearded Men Try Going Clean-Shaven

BuzzFeed Video​

How Conversion Therapy Affects Your Mental Health

BuzzFeed News

Can We Beat Tyra Banks In "Life-Size" Trivia?​

PROFILE by BuzzFeed News

Your Mimosa Vs. My Mimosa

BuzzFeed Food

How To Make The Perfect Bloody Mary

BuzzFeed Food​

BuzzFeed OUT: Queer ERG Launch Video


Editing Work

Produced & edited from pre-shot footage.

Can Chandra Wilson Beat A Superfan In "Grey's Anatomy" Trivia?

PROFILE by BuzzFeed News

Into the Amazon

Katia Francesconi Fund

Can Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Nail This "Game of Thrones" Trivia?

PROFILE by BuzzFeed News

Gitano Promo

Instagram Story

Shooting Work

Shot by yours truly.

Introducing iPad App

Hosting/VO & Storyboard

Storyboarded, project managed, hosted and VOed.

Healthsplained: Your Body And Meat

BuzzFeed News

Healthsplained: Your Body, On Sugar

BuzzFeed News

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